Tamar Valley Methodist Church

  • Tamar Valley Methodist Church
  • Albaston
  • Gunnislake
  • Cornwall
  • PL18 9EP

Our Vision

John Wesley (the founder of the Methodist Church) visited Cornwall a number of times in the 18th Century. Many Cornish people in those days were very poor and could not read or write.  Many also did not realise that God loved them.  Wesley left behind a flourishing Christian community. 

They had discovered that, thanks to the work of Jesus (both in His life and in His death on the cross), they could experience the wonder of knowing that their sins were forgiven and of following Jesus here in Cornwall.  Many also learnt to read and write.

We again live in a country where many people are not aware of God's love or the possibility of His forgiveness.

Our vision is to see once more many people coming to put their trust in Jesus Christ and to share their lives with Him.  

We ourselves have found that Jesus is a wonderful Friend and Lord - just as many millions around the world have also found. In many parts of the world the Church is growing rapidly - our Vision is that this will happen here also.