Tamar Valley Methodist Church

  • Tamar Valley Methodist Church
  • Albaston
  • Gunnislake
  • Cornwall
  • PL18 9EP


There are two parts to our story.    The story of us as a church. (see later on this page) and our stories as individual Christians.

Our building was officially opened on November 17th 2001.

However a church is not really a building but a group of Christian people working together.

As recently as 1990 there were 5 Methodist Churches in our area - however these eventually agreed to join together to form the new Church with new buildings. As one member at the time says: 

"This was a long process/journey and the goal was a new place of worship that we could all identify with.  With God's help it was achieved after many years in the planning."

Although all the original members are a bit older than in 2001 (and some have moved away or died) the Church has continued to welcome new people.  

There are a number of new initiatives as we seek to find ways of following our Lord Jesus and of serving our community.

We give links below to pages where we hope to include details of the history of the 5 Churches that joined together.  (Please click on the link to read something of their history).

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